About Us

Paws, Passion & Purpose

Welcome to Man, I Love Frenchies, where we understand that your French Bulldog is more than a pet; they're a part of your soul, your lifestyle, and your family. Our promise to you goes beyond mere satisfaction; we guarantee to enrich your life with products that embody the spirit, affection, and distinctive personality of your Frenchie, achieved through unmatched artistry and design.

If our products don’t profoundly amplify the joy and unique bond you share with your Frenchie, making every moment feel like a masterpiece, then we've missed the mark. This is our commitment to excellence, authenticity, and the celebration of your unique bond. Welcome to a brand that gets it, because we live it, just like you.

Our Purpose

Our Founding Spirit

Man, I Love Frenchies originates from a deep passion for French Bulldogs and the world of art and design. Our mission is to encapsulate the joy and companionship of these endearing four-legged friends into every one of our products. Each item, from detailed pillows to elegant tote bags and various accessories, is crafted to celebrate the unique bond between French Bulldogs and their owners. Our founder's expertise in AI art and design ensures that love for Frenchies is woven into the fabric of the brand.

Our Vision Statement

Dreaming Big, Barking Bigger

Our vision at Man, I Love Frenchies transcends the mere creation of products. We strive to reflect the deep affection owners hold for their French Bulldogs, making it a part of their daily lives. As we move forward, we aim to leverage our brand in support of broader causes—dog rescue and mental health—underscored by the belief in the positive impact pets have on human well-being. Through genuine engagement and heartfelt initiatives, we endeavor to cultivate a community that shares our values and passion for French Bulldogs.

The History of French Bulldogs

The Frenchie Legacy

The French Bulldog, with its unmistakable charm and distinctive appearance, boasts a rich history that dates back to the 19th century. Originating from England and later finding fame in France, these dogs have long been symbols of companionship and style. Man, I Love Frenchies draws inspiration from this storied past, aiming to bring the historic elegance and joyful spirit of French Bulldogs into modern homes. Our products are a tribute to the breed’s journey from the side of Nottingham lace workers to becoming beloved members of families around the world, celebrating the enduring legacy of French Bulldogs through every design.

Charity Partnerships

Commitment to Giving Back

With an eye towards the future, Man, I Love Frenchies is dedicated to making a meaningful impact beyond the realm of commerce. We are especially committed to supporting causes that resonate with our brand's heart—animal rescue efforts and mental health initiatives that recognize the therapeutic role of pets. We are eager to partner with non-profit organizations that align with these priorities. For potential collaboration or to suggest a charity that could use our support, please reach out to us at charity@manilovefrenchies.com. It’s our way of giving back, inspired by the love and loyalty that French Bulldogs show us every day.

As we bring our tale to a close, remember that Man, I Love Frenchies is more than just a brand—it's a community, a journey, and a tribute to the French Bulldogs that have trotted their way into our hearts and homes. Our story is constantly evolving, inspired by the paws that pad alongside us and the people who share our passion. So, whether you're here to find the perfect Frenchie-themed accent for your home or to join us in making a difference in the world, know that you're part of something special. Together, let's continue to spread the joy, laughter, and companionship that only a Frenchie can bring.