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Joie de vivre Framed Poster

Joie de vivre Framed Poster

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"Joie de vivre" is a framed artwork that exudes the charisma of a blue French Bulldog through vibrant and expressive brushstrokes. This piece is a celebration of classic French artistry blended seamlessly with modern abstraction, capturing the playful soul of the Frenchie in every hue.

At the center of this artwork, the blue French Bulldog's gaze is alive with mischief, and its joyful tongue hints at tales of frolic and fun. Each stroke of blue, black, and red, along with the softer pastels of teal green, soft yellow, peach, and beige, contributes to a canvas brimming with artistic passion. These strokes dance around the Bulldog, mirroring the lively spirit and exuberant enjoyment of life that Frenchies are known for.

Crafted on thick matte paper and set within a matte frame from renewable Ayous wood, "Joie de vivre" reflects an eco-friendly choice for art lovers. The .75" frame lends a modern edge to the artwork, while the sturdy paper ensures that the depth and vibrancy of the colors stand the test of time.

  • A premium paper thickness of 10.3 mil, creating a high-quality look and feel.
  • A hefty paper weight of 189 g/m², ensuring the longevity of the artwork's vivid detail.
  • An Acrylite front protector to preserve the painting's bold colors and brushwork.
  • Hanging hardware included for easy installation, ready to bring the essence of the blue Frenchie into your home.

"Joie de vivre" is not just a depiction of a dog but a portrayal of companionship and the beauty of shared moments. Bring home the "Joie de vivre" and let this stunning piece be a daily reminder of the playful and loving nature that makes the blue French Bulldog a cherished member of the family.

Our commitment to sustainability means producing this piece on demand, ensuring thoughtful consumption and reduced overproduction. Thank you for choosing art that cares!

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