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Kaleidoscope Canine Framed Poster

Kaleidoscope Canine Framed Poster

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Introducing "Kaleidoscope Canine," a framed artwork that invites you to revel in the intricate dance of colors and canine allure. This piece showcases a brindle French Bulldog whose intricate coat patterns are amplified by the dazzling array of geometric shapes that envelop the backdrop, creating a dynamic, almost hypnotic visual experience.

The artwork’s mosaic of vibrant colors, from the fiery oranges to the deep purples, blends seamlessly with the natural brindle patterns of the Frenchie, portraying a lively and spirited essence that the breed is known for. It's not merely a framed piece; it's a statement of joy and artistic flair that captures the imagination.

Printed on thick matte paper, this framed poster is not just a visual treat; it's a statement. The matte frame, crafted from .75" of sustainably sourced Ayous wood, frames the Frenchie's contemplative expression in style, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the piece.

  • A robust paper thickness of 10.3 mil, ensuring the artwork's presence is both felt and seen.
  • A weighty 189 g/m² paper that promises durability and a premium feel.
  • Protected by an Acrylite front protector, your artwork will maintain its mesmerizing effect over time.
  • Ready-to-hang hardware is included, making it simple to install and immediately enjoy.

By choosing "Kaleidoscope Canine," you're supporting sustainable art and receiving a piece that's uniquely yours, crafted upon order. Thank you for choosing a path that values conscious consumerism and the individuality of bespoke art. This artwork promises to be a radiant centerpiece, charming all who lay eyes upon it with its brindle beauty and kaleidoscopic wonder.

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