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Retro Radiance Framed Poster

Retro Radiance Framed Poster

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"Retro Radiance" is a captivating framed artwork that teleports you back to the groovy era, featuring the cheerful gaze of a fawn French Bulldog. The artwork is a celebration of the past, alive with diagonal waves and a kaleidoscope of colors that sing of the 1970s—warm orange, bright yellow, calming blues, and splashes of magenta and beige. At the center of this retro revival is our cherished Frenchie, depicted with soulful eyes that stir a nostalgic yearning for the bygone days of bold style and expressive freedom.

This piece is more than a nod to vintage charm; it's a statement of timeless affection for the Frenchie's playful nature, all captured within a high-quality print that bursts with warmth and character. The thick matte paper and renewable Ayous wood frame add a contemporary touch to the classic vibe, bringing the best of both worlds into your living space.

  • A substantial 10.3 mil paper thickness, ensuring a durable and vibrant display.
  • A 189 g/m² paper weight, contributing to the artwork's premium feel and longevity.
  • An Acrylite front protector, offering a clear view and safeguarding the colors.
  • Ready-to-mount hanging hardware, so you can easily add this piece to your collection.

Every "Retro Radiance" framed artwork is created with care upon your order, emphasizing our commitment to thoughtful consumption and sustainability. It's a considerate process that may take a bit more time but plays a part in reducing overproduction. Thank you for choosing art that cares!

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